Book in a Repair

Book in a Repair

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What model Mac do you own?

What size Screen is it Macbook Pro?

Is your damaged Mac an Insurance Repair?

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What is your Insurance Reference Number?

What is your Policy and Claim Number?

What is the Admin Password on your Mac?

Do you require data from the aamaged Macbook?

If your Macbook is unrepairable, do you need Data Recovery ($699-$1499)?

Would you like your Mac wiped and loaded with the latest MacOS?

Would you like your Macbook tagged to your AppleID for further updates and security?

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I understand I DO NOT ship with the AC Power adapter.

I understand repair time is Normally 7-10 Days.

I understand that my liquid damaged Macbook repair is a set Fee $599.
I also understand further charges may be required and that I will get a formal quote on any additional costs.
I also understand that you require my approval prior to the commencement of the job.
Potential further charges are listed here

I understand the terms in the slim chance my Macbook is unrepairable. FAQs

I understand liquiddamage and it's parent company are partners are NOT responsible for any DATA Loss.

Macbooks need Anti Virus, do you require Anti Virus Protection on your repaired Macbook?

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Would you like to give any further details about the damage, faults or general comments on this faulty Macbook?

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