How it works

How it works

Our process is simple.

Book it in

Fill in our simple Book In form and fill out all applicable details.

Ship it to us

Once your MacBook is booked in, we will provide you with details on how to ship your MacBook to us via Australia Post.

Damage assessment

Once we have received your computer we will assess the damage.

A standard Liquid Damage service will cost $599, though there might be other damage (for example a keyboard).

All further repair charges that may be incurred will be included in a formal quote that you will you will receive by SMS and email.


When you are choosing to claim your damaged MacBook repair on insurance the work will not proceed until we have your approval from either you or your insurance company.

Otherwise by booking in your MacBook with us you are pre-approving the repair for the cost of $599. Any further repairs required will be quoted and repair will not begin until we have received your approval for the updated price.

Fix it and test it

If we determine we can repair your MacBook and have received the appropriate approvals, we will fix it, test it, and make sure everything is working perfectly.

Please note that not all Liquid Damaged MacBooks are repairable unfortunately BUT most can be saved.

If we cannot fix your MacBook we can either recycle your MacBook at no cost to you, look at Data Retrieval or Recovery options, or ship it back to you for a flat fee of $39 (Please note that it will not be repaired and in most cases be left in pieces from our initial assessment).

Pay for it

Once we have determined that the MacBook is fixed we will contact you for payment of the quoted price which includes us Express Shipping your MacBook back to you.

We ship it

You will be provided with a tracking number to follow delivery of your MacBook back to you.

Your MacBook is securely packaged and shipped to your nominated postal address where you will be required to sign for it.

Book a Repair

Repair times are normally 7-10 Days and we offer a 6 month warranty on all repairs.

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